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    Happy Pawlloween!

    Happy Halloween from our little fam to you! This year we went all out on our first every family Halloween costumes and I think they turned out pretty amazingly! We started gathering supplies and finalized our idea in September and we honestly worked right up to the night before Halloween to finish everything. It was a mad rush but totally worth it. Poor little Loki wanted nothing more than to run around the park and play in all the wet and muddy puddles! He was so patient and such a good boy. We can’t wait for next year!

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    Our Little Loki

    I have heard people say “you can’t buy love or happiness” well on June 8th, Kirstyn and I did just that. We traveled a little way north to collect the most beautiful, loving, fun pup we could have possibly hoped for. We traveled back to our place with this little ball of fluff cuddled on Kirstyn’s lap, waking for a few minutes at a time to have a little stretch. The first night….. We tried to feed him with no luck, he just wasn’t having any of it. We put him to bed around 10pm after we played and cuddled lots! We had a few little noises for around 15…

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    A Year With You

    A year with you Mr. Astro Otis. Where on Earth has the time gone?! You are the sweetest, funniest, sassiest and feistiest little puppy and we love you so! Your morning kisses have brought so much love to our days ? We love you mister! Check out the video below to see our year with Astro from the day we first met him to his sleepy, messy, always wanting to run in the mud and snow, present day self! We love getting to witness your personally develop, like how you always sniff under the door, how you want to play outside no matter the weather and how you comfort us…