Our Little Loki

I have heard people say “you can’t buy love or happiness” well on June 8th, Kirstyn and I did just that.

We traveled a little way north to collect the most beautiful, loving, fun pup we could have possibly hoped for. We traveled back to our place with this little ball of fluff cuddled on Kirstyn’s lap, waking for a few minutes at a time to have a little stretch.

The first night….. We tried to feed him with no luck, he just wasn’t having any of it. We put him to bed around 10pm after we played and cuddled lots! We had a few little noises for around 15 minutes, but after that the little star went right to sleep. He woke again around 3:30am, and being very new to this we woke too. It was soooo hard not to go get him, instead we each put a worn T-shirt in his bed and with that he hunkered down and slept right through till 6:30 in the morning.

We have taken him out a few times while we shop around (mainly for dog toys) and always get compliments on how darn freaking cute he is. One guy actually jumped when he moved as he thought he was just a stuffed toy! He is just so calm when out and about and will more than happily sit in our arm and let people pet him with the fuss.

Six days later and he’s 90% there with house training and he’s really starting to find his mannerisms. He loves the outside deck and sits by the door just waiting for one of us to let him out to sniff around, and hop like a little rabbit when the wind hits his bum.

He loves to place his front two paws up on the flower bed and watch people walk by and while we water the plants is very eager to get as wet as possible (I think we have a water baby). In the apartment he’s a little mischievous devil and eyes have to be kept on him at all times earning him the name Loki, dog of mischief. We honestly can’t wait to see how his little personality changes!

Welcome to our adventure Loki, your life is going to be amazing!

Here are a few of the very first photos we ever took of our little fur baby!

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