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Missing Disneyland

It’s a gloomy Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting here looking back on our last trip to Disneyland, reminiscing of those cool early magic mornings walking around a quiet(er) park with a warm cup of coffee in hand. Oh how those times were easier. I’m finding myself missing so many little things about the park. I miss looking forward to our next Disney holiday. The excitement, the anticipation, the planning. I miss the sound of Main Street at night, that tired happy buzz of the crowd. I miss crowds. Period. Never thought I’d say that! I miss the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean (if you know, you know). It’s honestly one of the best smells on Earth! I miss snagging a great fastpass, Radiator Springs Racers for sure. I miss the laughs. That joy of being in your favourite place, with your favourite people with sore feet and a little delusional from lack of sleep. But, mostly I’m missing the freedom to roam beyond our house, city, country…

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this photo dump from my phone of Disneyland during our last visit! All the details are what make Disney so special for us! We had such a blast and I’m counting down the days until we can go back! To see more you can check out the little video I made of our trip last March here!

If you’re like me and missing your happy place be sure to check out Somewhere Devine! Hailey and Brad Devine have some of the best Disney vlogs out there and they’ve definitely helped me with my Disneyland withdrawals!

Thanks for stopping by! Comment below what you’re missing most about Disneyland, Disney World, or really anything! We hope to see you around again and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel! We’d love to have you join us on our adventures! – K

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