• DJI Osmo Pocket

    Shop your house! Featuring our DJI Osmo Pocket and a cheeky little puppy

    I’ve recently stumbled across a really inspiring YouTube channel. Home to an epic photographer/videographer couple that are living their best life out in Buffalo, New York. They go by Becki and Chris and they can be found here (seriously, check them out. They’re dope). On a weekly basis they continue to encourage and inspire aspiring photographers and videographers alike to continue learning and practicing behind the lens. One thing they encourage their viewers to do is ‘Shop Your House’. Yup, you heard me. There are NO excuses when it comes to finding something to shoot! You have a house FULL of stuff that can be used to create your very…

  • dinosaur tattoo

    A little something about us!

    We thought we’d introduce ourselves. Sometimes we do crazy stupid s**t, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Let us tell you a little story. One evening Lewis was texting my brother (back home in Canada) about his upcoming tattoo appointment. They were joking around and Lewis suggested they should get one of the following tattoos… Well, my brother brushed it off and said he’d probably be the only one who would actually get it and look like a idiot! The following day, Lewis and I went for coffee and an hour later we were sat in a tattoo shop getting TATTOOS! What was I thinking!! Our goal was…

  • Life

    A fresh start!

    If you’ve been here before, when we were named Reaching after Wanderlust, you may find things look a little different! Well, we are making a fresh start! Why you ask? There are a number of reasons for this change. We created this space a number of years ago when we wanted it too primarily be a travel blog. As time has gone by, way too quickly, our priorities have shifted. We want to document our life, not just the places we travel. We have some big and exciting life changes coming up SOON so that is why we are starting a YouTube channel! I know, cliché, but hear me out.…