• Life

    Our Little Loki

    I have heard people say “you can’t buy love or happiness” well on June 8th, Kirstyn and I did just that. We traveled a little way north to collect the most beautiful, loving, fun pup we could have possibly hoped for. We traveled back to our place with this little ball of fluff cuddled on Kirstyn’s lap, waking for a few minutes at a time to have a little stretch. The first night….. We tried to feed him with no luck, he just wasn’t having any of it. We put him to bed around 10pm after we played and cuddled lots! We had a few little noises for around 15…

  • Photography

    A Sun Kissed Maternity Shoot

    Mud Bay Park doesn’t really scream gorgeous maternity shoot, but don’t let the name fool you! This location exceeded our expectations and has been one of our favourite shoots to date! From the location, the beautiful golden hour light to the incredibly kind couple, it couldn’t have gone any better! For this particular shoot we also decided to rent the Canon 50mm f/1.2L USM from our local camera rental shop Movri (if you’re in/or near the South Surrey area honestly, check them out they are fantastic) and oh my goodness it was INCREDIBLE! Take a look at some of our favourite photographs from this shoot below!

  • photography

    An Engagement at Campbell Valley

    A cold, grey and rainy Monday… not the most ideal conditions for an outdoors engagement shoot. This was the thought that ran through mine and Lew’s head the morning of this photo session, along with ‘oh, s**t’. Turns out, although the weather wasn’t on our side the day ended up being one of the most beautiful. The engagement took place inside a beautiful gazebo next to a lovely pond that had a fairytale bridge and picturesque Weeping Willow tree that dropped over top. The drizzle turned out to be a blessing because the park was ever so quiet, all you could hear were the birds chirping and the excited hum…

  • Travel

    New York, New York

    If you’re new here, or don’t follow us on Instagram, we’ve started reminiscing over all the fun adventures we’ve been on together over the years and giving them a permanent place on our feed. With COVID, Lew’s shoulder recovery, and the rainy weather here in BC, we’ve been spending a lot more time inside just chilling. I started going through all our old photos that just sit on our hard drive at the back of my desk that we never look back on and enjoy. It’s such a shame to have hundreds of photos and fond memories that just sit there collecting dust. I’ve always loved taking pictures, but I…

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    A Year With You

    A year with you Mr. Astro Otis. Where on Earth has the time gone?! You are the sweetest, funniest, sassiest and feistiest little puppy and we love you so! Your morning kisses have brought so much love to our days 🧡 We love you mister! Check out the video below to see our year with Astro from the day we first met him to his sleepy, messy, always wanting to run in the mud and snow, present day self! We love getting to witness your personally develop, like how you always sniff under the door, how you want to play outside no matter the weather and how you comfort us…

  • Disneyland,  Travel

    Missing Disneyland

    It’s a gloomy Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting here looking back on our last trip to Disneyland, reminiscing of those cool early magic mornings walking around a quiet(er) park with a warm cup of coffee in hand. Oh how those times were easier. I’m finding myself missing so many little things about the park. I miss looking forward to our next Disney holiday. The excitement, the anticipation, the planning. I miss the sound of Main Street at night, that tired happy buzz of the crowd. I miss crowds. Period. Never thought I’d say that! I miss the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean (if you know, you know). It’s honestly…

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    A Look Back on the Good in 2020

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season full of love and joy! I can’t believe 2021 if finally here! Where on earth has the time gone? Our Christmas, although just the four of us, was so nice. We relaxed the entire morning, chit chatting and opening presents, and before we knew it it was 2 o’clock! New Years last night was super chilled. We lounged around, snacked on our vegan cheese board, made Chinese food and JUST managed to stay up to ring in the new year! I’ve been reflecting a lot this holiday season, looking back on the good in 2020. No one can deny…

  • Life,  Photography

    Sunrise over Vancouver

    On Saturday Lewis and I decided to wake up at 5:30 am to catch the sunrise over Vancouver. With the alarm set we went to bed praying for good weather. We decided we’d go rain or shine and were determined to stay positive and get great photos no matter what! Secretly, I was hoping for fog. I mean, how cool would it be to get foggy picture of the city as the sun comes up?! Anyways, we were out the door and into the freezing cold by 6am, allowing ourselves plenty of time to make it downtown. The only thing we didn’t plan was having to defrost the truck… meaning…

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    The Cutest Festive Earrings I Ever Did See

    My mom and I squealed with excitement (no over exaggeration, we really did) when we came across these earrings the other day at Winners. We LOVE Winners and this is one of the many reasons why! Look at the cute and affordable goodies you can find that you would otherwise never think to seek out and purchase! We love a good deal and this has to have been one of the best purchases of 2020! Isn’t it just the cutest pair of earrings you’ve ever seen?! Can’t wait to wear them to Disneyland around the holidays next year (fingers crossed)! Be sure to check out our last visit to Disneyland…

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    Thirty, Flirty & Thriving in Whistler, BC!

    Thirty, flirty & thriving in Whistler! The BIG 30! Can you believe it? As I sit here and write this I still can’t believe we are entering this decade of our lives! Lewis is 30 years old and it feels like just yesterday I was turning 20! For this celebration, I surprised Lewis with a birthday getaway to Whistler! A short 2 hour drive from where we live in the Lower Mainland this journey is one of the most scenic drives here in BC, the highway is called Sea-to-Sky after all. We spent two nights chilling, eating delicious food, sightseeing and, of course, taking photos! Below is a little highlight…