An Engagement at Campbell Valley

A cold, grey and rainy Monday… not the most ideal conditions for an outdoors engagement shoot. This was the thought that ran through mine and Lew’s head the morning of this photo session, along with ‘oh, s**t’. Turns out, although the weather wasn’t on our side the day ended up being one of the most beautiful. The engagement took place inside a beautiful gazebo next to a lovely pond that had a fairytale bridge and picturesque Weeping Willow tree that dropped over top. The drizzle turned out to be a blessing because the park was ever so quiet, all you could hear were the birds chirping and the excited hum coming from the family members hidden behind bushes trying to contain their laughter.

We truly enjoyed shooting this engagement. The family we so hospitable, kind and full of love for one another, it was infectious.

Here are some of our favourite photos from this photo shoot.

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