Hi! Thank you for stopping by, we are so happy you’re here! So you want to know more about us, eh? We met in England while I (Kirstyn) was spending a year traveling and working. I’m a Canadian gal from British Columbia and he, Lewis, is a British guy from Plymouth! We love to travel, eat pizza and watch the latest Marvel blockbusters. We have recently discovered a love for standup paddleboarding and got dinosaur tattoos on a whim (they’re only small. Also, I think we need to go to Universal Studios to ride the new Jurassic World ride). We want to start documenting our life and there’s no better time to start then now! So, we created this space to get creative, learn photography and videography, and develop this shared passion we have into something we can do together.


For fun, Lewis and I decided to film his cousin’s wedding. They had hired a photographer and we had just started playing around with videography. It was honestly one of the funnest days ever. We just felt like we were in our element behind the lens, capturing such a beautiful day.

Then we flew over for Lewis’s sister’s wedding in England. Unfortunately, with the new COVID restrictions put in place (A WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING) they had to drastically reduce the number of guests and we were asked to photograph the wedding, for the first time! In some ways it was the most perfect opportunity to learn in an environment where we felt comfortable, but there was an added stress of wanting to do the best we could for family! It was such a beautiful day and we love how every photo turned out, check them our here. We even managed to put together a little video as well!

We want this to be a place of joy, memories, learning and togetherness. We are motivated by our shared passion for photography and videography and a desire to capture the most exciting and simplest moments. We aim for this to be our time capsule, a place we can go to look back on and share our lives. The video below was our first official ‘travel vlog’, but it turned out to be so much more and it has been such a joy being able to rewatch it! We feel every moment as if we are experiencing it all over again!

Now, this wouldn’t be an introduction to who we are without mentioning DISNEYLAND! We, well I (Kirstyn) , LOVE Disneyland! It has been a place my family and I have visited since I was a child and I’m so excited I get to share it with Lewis! My only regret in life is that I haven’t started filming sooner! I wish I had videos of my childhood at the parks.


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