Hi! Thank you for stopping by, we are so happy you’re here! So you want to know more about us, eh? We love to travel, eat pizza and watch the latest Marvel blockbusters. We have recently discovered a love for standup paddleboarding and got dinosaur tattoos on a whim (they’re only small. Also, I think we need to go to Universal Studios to ride the new Jurassic World ride). We want to start documenting our life and there’s no better time to start then now! So, we created this space to get creative, learn photography and videography, and develop this shared interest we have into something we can do together.

drudle door

KIRSTYN is a west coast Canadian who has spent the last eight years studying and working in England.

She has an unhealthy (depends who you ask) love for Disney and watches DIY home makeover shows on the reg.

LEWIS is a southwest Plymothian who has recently qualified as an electrician.

He has an unhealthy (depends who you ask) love for his PS4 and wishes he could snowboard more often.

A Liverpool fan through and through.