A Look Back on the Good in 2020

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season full of love and joy! I can’t believe 2021 if finally here! Where on earth has the time gone? Our Christmas, although just the four of us, was so nice. We relaxed the entire morning, chit chatting and opening presents, and before we knew it it was 2 o’clock! New Years last night was super chilled. We lounged around, snacked on our vegan cheese board, made Chinese food and JUST managed to stay up to ring in the new year!

I’ve been reflecting a lot this holiday season, looking back on the good in 2020. No one can deny that this year has been hard and we’re all excited to move into the next but, I can’t help but think about all the amazing things we got to experience and do in 2020! I don’t want to remember only the bad, so I thought I’d write a little review of all the positives we experienced in 2020!

We celebrated the New Year in Las Vegas!

I mean, it doesn’t get any better than that! We were so lucky to ring in the new year in Las Vegas with family and friends and we had a blast! We spent the evening at Top Golf and it was so fun watching my dad let loose and truly enjoy himself. To top it all off we also got to walk the strip while it was practically empty!

Surprised Lew’s family in FINLAND!

So many things could have gone wrong with this plan… failed surprise, a storm, COVID! We had decided pretty early on that we wouldn’t be able to make it to Finland with Lew’s family since we were moving back to Canada. But, as February rolled around we changed our mind and decided to surprise them! They had no idea we were going. Zero! We didn’t even know if they’d have room for us once we arrived! Once we made it to Helsinki we found out that a storm was meant to hit England the day Lew’s family was flying out! We spent the entire day checking their flight status to make sure it was taking off! Honestly, one of the most stressful days ever! Imagine if we flew all that way and they didn’t make it! It was so fun surprising them once they made it to their hotel, my heart was racing! One of the best moments of 2020 for sure. You can check out the video below to see their reactions and the beauty of Finland!

We Hit ONE THOUSAND Views on Our Finland Video

Celebrating the small things, but this was such an achievement for us! We so badly wanted to film our trip and the surprise even though we were so nervous! It is so hard filming in public! How do people do it so easily?! Anyways, this is a fun milestone for us and we loved creating ever minute of this video 🙂

One Last Visit to Disneyland

We were so lucky we got to visit Disneyland one last time in 2020. We had just made it before the lockdown and I pinch myself every day that we got so lucky! This trip will forever hold a special place in my heart. My mom and I always have so much fun together and this trip was full of so many firsts! We got to ride Rise of the Resistance TWICE, got to try a new seasonal Mickey beignets and mint juleps, AND we even managed to snag an annual pass holder exclusive popcorn bucket that I absolutely LOVE! Be sure to check out the video below, especially if you’re missing the Disney parks real bad! This is the first time I’ve filmed one of our trips to Disney and it makes me wish I could go back in time and film all our trips! It’s honestly the best feeling being able to watch such fond memories over and over again.

Lew’s Birthday in Whistler

2020 was the year Lewis turned 30! We got to spend a fantastic couple of days in a deserted Whistler! We practically had the place all to ourselves! We went on some lovely walks, had good food, relaxed at a Scandinavian spa, and got to disconnect and enjoy each others company.

Got Out of Our Comfort Zone

We spend some quality time together doing something we love! We tried to push ourselves this year to take more photos and practice using our gear! We woke up crazy early to see the sunrise in Vancouver, took our first photos in a public location and didn’t gives a s**t who was watching and I practiced my self timer game!

Lew’s Sister’s Wedding and Our First Wedding Gig

We were lucky enough to be able to fly to England to see Lew’s little sister get married! Honestly, with COVID, I didn’t think it would be possible and I was crazy nervous to get on a plane again, but all in all we got to England and back with zero issues… However, a week before the wedding the government announced new COVID regulations for weddings in the UK meaning only 30 guests TOTAL (including photographer, wedding officer, witness and bride and groom) were allowed to attend. So Amy and Darren managed to rearrange and put their wedding together in TWO days! Managing to snag the earliest available spot before the regulations kicked in (and lucky just making the end of our quarantine)! This meant we not only got to enjoy their wedding, but we were also asked to photograph and video the day! Our very first wedding gig (no pressure)! To see more photos check out our portfolio!

All in all, even though this year was extremely difficult and full of highs and lows, we were able to sneak in some pretty amazing moments that we’ll cherish forever. Thank you 2020 for teaching us to stop and appreciate all the little moments and for teaching us how to love one another even more.

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