A fresh start!

If you’ve been here before, when we were named Reaching after Wanderlust, you may find things look a little different! Well, we are making a fresh start! Why you ask? There are a number of reasons for this change. We created this space a number of years ago when we wanted it too primarily be a travel blog. As time has gone by, way too quickly, our priorities have shifted. We want to document our life, not just the places we travel. We have some big and exciting life changes coming up SOON so that is why we are starting a YouTube channel! I know, cliché, but hear me out.

We want this space to be more personal and reflect who we are, not a curated timeline of things we think fit into our world of social media. By capturing moments on video we will be able to create a priceless keepsake for ourselves and at the end of the day that is what this space is for. We want to look back on our life and be able to hear the laughs and see that exact moment when you can no longer contain it. Our videos will be an extension of our photos and we are beyond excited to start! So, subscribe and join us on our fresh start!

Check out our YouTube channel here and be sure to subscribe… (I know it’s not much now, but we have big plans)!

Osmo pocket sunset
sunset on beach a fresh start
sunset on beach
a fresh start
a fresh start

Here’s to a fresh start and all the possibilities that lie ahead! We are excited to get started.

Kirstyn and Lewis

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